Shenzhen Qianhai Yaheetech E-Commerce Co. Ltd.


Shenzhen Qianhai Yaheetech E-Commerce Co. Ltd. started in 2003 as a new generation cross-border trade company based in Shenzhen with R&D, online retailing, overseas warehousing and big data marketing under one roof. Since then, we have built up two subsidiaries in Xi’an and Yiwu as well as seven international subsidiaries across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Japan. As sales and markets are growing, we have been making the most of the rapid development of global mobile internet technologies to secure sales growth and brand marketing on both proprietary and top e-commerce platforms. So far, our Yaheetech brand has gained worldwide popularity among urban consumers in terms of home furniture, household products, outdoors and sports, garden items, pet supplies and more.

After years of dedicated cultivation in the industry, we have earned competitive edges to secure progressive business growth. Speaking of the technological competitiveness, our ERP system is the core competency and largest asset, and it plays a major role in platform data analysis, product research and development, supply chain operation, intelligent warehouse management as well as online production/marketing support. Furthermore, we have over 1.9 million square feet of warehouse space operated by local teams from inventory management to package delivery to provide customers with localized service for experience enhancement. Most of all, we stand as a 400-strong international talent team, where most are under 28 on average and nearly 100 come from different countries, supporting a vibrant multilingual communication environment. To push forward company cultures, we give out 1% of annual revenue to reward outstanding staff with opportunities to travel abroad, and to arrange team activities like barbecues, trips, outdoors, parties, birthday ceremonies for all staff to enjoy.

It is our commitment that we will strive to push ahead with Chinese international e-commerce trade by offering quality products to global customers and exploring more markets as such. Our persistence also lies in making good use of advanced mobile internet technologies and commercial modes to open a new chapter in cross-border e-commerce and new retail industry. We are working on the preparation to get listed in the future by introducing venture capital with the aim to create more development opportunities for all our staff members. Welcome on board!

Our Culture

Our MissionWe are dedicated to providing global customers with quality products and excellent service.

Our VisionWe strive to become No. 1 in the bulky supply chain worldwide.

Our Valueshighly determined, critical thinking, doer, detail oriented, professional, ambitious, loyal, go above and beyond, efficient, embrace changes